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Scarlett's Journal

ramblings, or lack thereof


House what?



Skipped Back 10

November 8th, 2006

Week 6 review

House what?

Well, the reviews went quite well! 4 in all w/ one more to come (although by the time I get it, I doubt I'll have time to change AND render the changes). However, the main feedback  I got back from my Port. Pres Professor (as far as improving goes) was... more movement/simple animation. Even though I'm specializing in modeling, more animated segments will add depth to the scenes.

So, back to a lot of the files I'd called done I go. I've already added some simple movement in the first 3D model this morning, but it was also the easiest to add movement too, so that's not saying much.

A lot of the recommendations he made I simply don't know how to do, and will have to wait until until next week so he can sit down and show me (a Maya dynamics crash course, if you will). *crosses fingers on render times*

Eh, demo reel has to be finished w/in a couple more weeks... panic and crunch time! o_O

Oh! Got more exit paperwork from financial aid today too... joy! *rolls eyes*

November 7th, 2006

Pretty Pix

DS - laugh
Some pix I've taken in the past few weeks;  just thought I'd share, since I'm rendering and a little bored... ;)

Red Rocks

Echo Lake - Women In Animation Trip

Near Lookout Mountain

Where the Buffalo roam....

Election Day Joy

House what?
Best wishes on Election Day for those of you in the good ol' US of A. So funny to watch the mainstream media today. Seeing the lines I'm happy that I voted absentee a couple weeks ago... although you do tend to feel a tad left out of the process when you do so (damn, I want a sticker! LMAO. )

Don't know many fellow students at AIC who are voting - shame! But if you don't care enough to vote absentee, attend early voting OR vote election day... (I'll stop my rant before I get started here) Let me just say it's truly your loss, but if you're voting on ignorance & don't make an informed decision then it's probably better that way...

Anyhoo, I get my major demo reel reviews back tonight, got 3 back last week, and get another new review tonight. No horrible reviews thus far (although tonight is a big one, so we'll see!)... have gotten some helpful feedback and overall they're liking what they see, which gives me a little extra boost of confidence before graduation. :)

My first exit interview yesterday went well. We talked about potential jobs & various paperwork and rigamarole I have to go through before finals. Also, apparently my Port. Presentation professor gave me a recommendation to attend a 3D event next week; offered a $50 ticket to this closed event, and only 15 students from the college can go to this thing, and have to have a recommendation to go. I was very surprised, and of course accepted. I'll have to thank my professor for his recommendation. The show should be fun. ;)

Have to head off to campus early to work on a Compositing project due next week, that I can't work on here at home (unless I want to pay 4k for a special After Effects plugin, haha, sure). Got most of it done in class yesterday, though, so I should be able to finish it today.

Well, back to After Effects to work on my demo reel (version 36, thank you).

November 2nd, 2006

(no subject)

House what?

Well, spent Halloween night getting my demo reel reviewed by 3 different teachers, and turning in a video file for review by 3 more. This time around I got some excellent con-crit that will really help me out over the next few weeks and keep me busy. Met our Career Services adviser as well, who I have to begin seeing next week (therapy, anyone?), and got the beginnings of my exit paperwork (joy). By the time I got home, it was the height of trick-or-treat hour and there was no one trick-or-treating... probably because it was damn cold here in Colorado, as it usually is at the end of October. That, and we just never get many anyway - most of the kids go to the malls now. Especially here where it's cold. 

So, I turned off all the lights and watched some scary movies. Ha. I think I heard one group of kids, max.  I really didn't have much candy to give out anyway.

Yesterday was a total blur. I have a Compositing project, and all the film footage is due next week, which means I had to shoot in the dreaded Green Screen studio. Dreaded because you can never get in the damn thing, it's always booked 2 weeks in advance (mostly because they book it in ridiculous 4 hour blocks, which is totally unnecessary for most people). I managed to get in between bookings yesterday (when the studio is supposedly closed, *cough*) and shot a couple minutes worth of video to composite to a couple backplates. I had to shoot the backplates that morning in a field (joy) so the result was me running around most of the day shooting footage, checking out equipment, and driving. At least, in the end, I got my footage, even if it IS less than stellar.

Today I order my graduation announcements, fill out grad. paperwork, and fix a couple camera movements. If I have time I may start on a new 3D model -- one that will be perfect for the end of my reel -- if I can just find the time to get it done!

I sort of feel like writing today, but I'm really not sure I'll have the time! Eek!

October 20th, 2006

New Computer

House what?


*does happy dance*

My trusty ol' Yeller (aka, my 6 year old desktop comp) finally started really acting up this past couple weeks (def. hardware issues), and since I'm *very* close to graduation and absolutely cannot lose my demo reel data (um, big fat negative graduation, anyone?) or computer time while in demo pres. class, got a new computer. It was long overdue, as I run software w/ such heavy RAM requirements that my poor old computer really choked on a lot of it.

So, spent the last week -- in between compositing & demo homework -- installing software, transfering files and doing all the general setup stuff... because of all this, I realize I'm behind on this LJ thing, and on my emails, so for those of you who've emailed... I'll get to ya soon! Almost done switching over! :)

Ally, good luck in the tournament, Girl! You know I'm always rootin' for you! I'll email you soon!


October 7th, 2006


House what?
Estimated time for rendering the title sequence is 22 hours.... yikes! And this after I shaved off some render time already. Not good!


Spent an hour on revisions, working on a 3D scene for my demo reel, and just lost it all... *head desk*

Spent a while redoing the revisions, and now my system freezes every time I try to render a frame. So much for previewing the work!

Deciding to switch to another project before I began to foam at the mouth, I decided to do my title credits; the bonus was that I'm doing them in a different program that wasn't giving me any hassle today. I get the mail while taking a short break and discover my bank account is overdrawn... why? Because freaking AMPCO Systems Parking (aka the devil's parking lot, as it's known at school) has charged over $70 of fraudulent charges on my debit card in the last 2 weeks... tripple charging for parking, charging for parking while I'm not there, charging for parking over my freaking week off while I wasn't even in Denver! Had to run down and make an "emergency" deposit, and by the time I got back I had little urge to work on anything else today. Will have to get things straightened out ASAP w/ AMPCO, oh and they're definitely getting reported to the BBB on this one... if not further. This is not the first time they've ripped us students off. The really sad thing was this was not a surprise, as it's happened to my boyfriend and another fellow student (that I know of now, and found out about yesterday). Despite the fact that I'll have further to walk to class, I won't be parking in their lots anytime in the near future.

I think I need some sort of sedatives stronger than my current herb tea... I better go to bed early and hope I get out on the right side of the bed tomorrow!

September 22nd, 2006

Survived Finals

House what?

Good news is I survived finals this week, and I think they went very well overall.

Most importantly I received an A in Demo Reel I, and was approved by my program's committee to move on to the final graduating class... so I'm definitely pleased about that! It's so close now -- I'm happy and excited and kinda sad all at the same time! 

Very odd, but, I've gotten to know all these people for 3 years and I know I'll be saying goodbye to many of them soon... *sniffles

I want to go on to get my Masters someday, but unfortunately AIC doesn't offer Master's programs; actually, there are no Master's programs in my field offered by any school in Colorado, last time I checked (about a year ago). So, that may have to wait a little while, but that's OK. 

Finals are over, a cold front is moving in, and I've been generally lazy all day -- spent the last several hours transferring CD's onto my MP3 player -- have about half of my CD collection on the MP3 player so far... I want to try and get all them done before I go back to classes in a week and a half. 

September 16th, 2006

(no subject)

DS - laugh

Ha! OK, so I'm only wasting a LITTLE time while rendering for my finals. 

This one I wouldn't have guessed:

Which Movie Hero Are you?

September 13th, 2006


House what?
*laughing* Alright, this is just too much:

Cap'n Jack, is that you?

Oh dear, the fate of Capt'n Jack isn't looking too good!

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