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Scarlett's Journal

Post Grad news

Post Grad news

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House what?

An update for any of you wondering what became of me this past week... well, I managed to snag myself a job in my field before the "post-grad blues" set in (in the words of my Dept. Chair on grad day - thanks for the pep talk, LOL). 

I started last Monday, and had a great first week of training and (small) projects. I'm now a Junior Designer, doing 3D architectural & product modeling & vizualization... I'm quite happy! The drive isn't too bad -- about a 30 to 45 minute commute (if the weather is OK) during rush hour traffic. The people I work with seem very friendly and tight-knit, which is a huge plus, and my 8-4 hours are quite nice.

I might even manage writing a bit this weekend -- so all in all, I'm a happy gal!

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