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Scarlett's Journal

Sweeney Todd

Sweeney Todd

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I bought the 2-disc Sweeney Todd DVD and watched it last night, and was reminded of how much I enjoyed this movie when I saw it in the theater. The movie is so completely different from any musical (or horror for that matter) that I'd ever seen, and I admired it for that and the risks it took. The cinematography is simply beautiful and a perfect match to the disturbing tone of the movie.

And just to get it out there... I love it when JD plays the baddie. Guilty as charged!
I may need therapy, but I find it fun.

Despite a lot of the negativity I've heard about Depp and Bonham-Carter's singing voices, I really had no problem w/ either and I thought it worked quite well for the movie. Would they work for live theater? No. Do they sound as good as the original theater production? No... but who wants them to sound the same? You've got the theater version and CD on soundtrack, and it would have been a real shame if they hadn't made it their own. Their unrefined voices are quite beautiful in their own right. Oh, and SB Cohen's little part was a riot. ;)

I'll admit, I'm not a huge fan of movie musicals - love it in live theater but don't usually like the transition to the big screen. However, I liked the approach they took on this one and I think it worked quite well w/out becoming cheesy. Anyhoo... people I've talked to about it either loved it or hated it... I happen to have loved it!

On a VFX note, there was some simply stunning matt painting work to portray the old horror-style London, and the 3D work composited in matched it perfectly. I have to see if the special features include anything about the 3D work involved, especially some of the environment, camera matching and rotoscope work. I won't hold my breath, though, as they rarely include more than five minutes of that type of thing in special features (with a few exceptions, of course) and I can't say I don't understand... who cares about the technical side of it except for geeks like me?
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