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Scarlett's Journal

Demo Reel

Demo Reel

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House what?
Well, as I start working the new and improved demo reel I figured I'd post my graduating reel on here... don't think I've done that yet. If I have, just ignore this and pretend like I'm sane!

Yeah, I only graduated a year ago and am just now posting this... so I'm really on top of things here!

  • Wow that is really awesome. I don't know anyone else in this kind of program, so I've never really seen anything like that before. But I think it looked really frigging cool.
    • Hey Dejected Madness! How've you been? Thank you! Glad ya liked the reel... I'll post the new one when I finish putting it together, which may be a while as am crazy-busy right now!

      Happy Friday!
  • Nice demo reel. :D And just cause its been a year...oh well.

    Hope things are going well for ya luv.
    • Hiya girl!

      I'm doing good, and I hope you're doing the same! I'm sorry I've been so out of the loop but between 8-5 work and 2 small movie side projects, I've been insanely busy!

      Hopefully, in about a month things will sort of chill out a bit, and we can catch up, and I might even have some time to write Sands again! :)

      Thanks for saying hello, and I'm glad you liked the reel, too! Have a great rest of the day!
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