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Latest Demo Reel

Well, it's been three years since I last posted so I figured I'd check in and see if my account has been deleted yet! Since it hasn't, I figured I'd go ahead and post my latest 3D demo reel. :)

PS: Watch in HD if you can, otherwise it looks pretty compressed.
House what?

The mysterious power of 3DS Max

OK, so I'm used to software and computers doing mysterious things by now but the last couple days of work-related 3D special-ness has even myself non-plussed.

I've researched off and on, throughout the day, to troubleshoot 3DS Max memory problems (this scene is massive and to render it out in MR will be nothing short of a miracle), my 3DS Max crashing-on-save problems, my viewport problems (WTH?) and the problem of my ever-decreasing patience.

It's a wonder this project has seen any headway at all! Ack! *pulls at hair*
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Sweeney Todd

I bought the 2-disc Sweeney Todd DVD and watched it last night, and was reminded of how much I enjoyed this movie when I saw it in the theater. The movie is so completely different from any musical (or horror for that matter) that I'd ever seen, and I admired it for that and the risks it took. The cinematography is simply beautiful and a perfect match to the disturbing tone of the movie.

And just to get it out there... I love it when JD plays the baddie. Guilty as charged!
I may need therapy, but I find it fun.

Despite a lot of the negativity I've heard about Depp and Bonham-Carter's singing voices, I really had no problem w/ either and I thought it worked quite well for the movie. Would they work for live theater? No. Do they sound as good as the original theater production? No... but who wants them to sound the same? You've got the theater version and CD on soundtrack, and it would have been a real shame if they hadn't made it their own. Their unrefined voices are quite beautiful in their own right. Oh, and SB Cohen's little part was a riot. ;)

I'll admit, I'm not a huge fan of movie musicals - love it in live theater but don't usually like the transition to the big screen. However, I liked the approach they took on this one and I think it worked quite well w/out becoming cheesy. Anyhoo... people I've talked to about it either loved it or hated it... I happen to have loved it!

On a VFX note, there was some simply stunning matt painting work to portray the old horror-style London, and the 3D work composited in matched it perfectly. I have to see if the special features include anything about the 3D work involved, especially some of the environment, camera matching and rotoscope work. I won't hold my breath, though, as they rarely include more than five minutes of that type of thing in special features (with a few exceptions, of course) and I can't say I don't understand... who cares about the technical side of it except for geeks like me?
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Demo Reel

Well, as I start working the new and improved demo reel I figured I'd post my graduating reel on here... don't think I've done that yet. If I have, just ignore this and pretend like I'm sane!

Yeah, I only graduated a year ago and am just now posting this... so I'm really on top of things here!

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DS - Spell


News flash: Being part of the skeleton crew (of 3) at work today and yesterday is both relaxing & nice... however, it's also brought me to the brink of being comatose. I'm posting here so that should tell you how bored I am, today!

I've gotten some very nice feedback on a recent one-shot Forever Knight fan fic I wrote, "Embodiment of Faith". It's quite flattering, as I had no idea what people would think of it and the FK fan fic writers are - as a whole - an extremely talented bunch of individuals.

Just finished a 3D robot model for a indy/fan film I've been doing on the side - it took about three weeks - and immediately got another model to do the same day... there goes my free time again, but hey, I love the work. ;)

Back to being comatose!
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House what?

I exist!

What the heck. Why not? Just 'cause he ain't real doesn't mean a darn thing.

Oh, and on a side note... Yes, I am alive and do remember my livejournal password!

Yippee Kay Yay,
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House what?

Post Grad news

An update for any of you wondering what became of me this past week... well, I managed to snag myself a job in my field before the "post-grad blues" set in (in the words of my Dept. Chair on grad day - thanks for the pep talk, LOL). 

I started last Monday, and had a great first week of training and (small) projects. I'm now a Junior Designer, doing 3D architectural & product modeling & vizualization... I'm quite happy! The drive isn't too bad -- about a 30 to 45 minute commute (if the weather is OK) during rush hour traffic. The people I work with seem very friendly and tight-knit, which is a huge plus, and my 8-4 hours are quite nice.

I might even manage writing a bit this weekend -- so all in all, I'm a happy gal!

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House what?

Snow, anyone? We have plenty, and I'm willing to share.

Well, us Coloradans got exactly what we've been dreaming of for the past few days... more snow! (me, sarcasm? Nah...) Yesterday was a beautiful day, around 55 F, so I should have known this was coming.

The snow started last night, and we already have a couple inches... I'm hoping we don't get TOO much more as the snow hasn't melted off from the last blizzard, and our 2nd winter storm yet. 

Oh, and the snow plow STILL hasn't plowed the streets in our neighborhood yet. It's been 3 weeks since the first major snow storm. I'm not sure I can hold out hope any longer... but at this point, I'd be satisfied w/ a gravel truck or some...

...for the road. The slush/packed ice makes it extremely tricky to drive on, even if your going 2 mph, and the possibility of sliding into something or someone is not remote.

A few days old, but it gives you the general idea.

In other news: Had a job interview yesterday, and it went OK. I like the people there, but I could have done better on the test they gave me. I was a tad bit nervous, and I'm afraid that my brain still hasn't emerge from its holiday slumber. It seems like they like me, though, so I'm crossing my fingers.

The last of the holiday relatives left this morning, and I'm enjoying my solitude down in my dungeon, catching up on a new book I got around the New Year. I might even do some creative writing today, if I feel so inclined. ;)