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Snow, anyone? We have plenty, and I'm willing to share.

Snow, anyone? We have plenty, and I'm willing to share.

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House what?
Well, us Coloradans got exactly what we've been dreaming of for the past few days... more snow! (me, sarcasm? Nah...) Yesterday was a beautiful day, around 55 F, so I should have known this was coming.

The snow started last night, and we already have a couple inches... I'm hoping we don't get TOO much more as the snow hasn't melted off from the last blizzard, and our 2nd winter storm yet. 

Oh, and the snow plow STILL hasn't plowed the streets in our neighborhood yet. It's been 3 weeks since the first major snow storm. I'm not sure I can hold out hope any longer... but at this point, I'd be satisfied w/ a gravel truck or some...

...for the road. The slush/packed ice makes it extremely tricky to drive on, even if your going 2 mph, and the possibility of sliding into something or someone is not remote.

A few days old, but it gives you the general idea.

In other news: Had a job interview yesterday, and it went OK. I like the people there, but I could have done better on the test they gave me. I was a tad bit nervous, and I'm afraid that my brain still hasn't emerge from its holiday slumber. It seems like they like me, though, so I'm crossing my fingers.

The last of the holiday relatives left this morning, and I'm enjoying my solitude down in my dungeon, catching up on a new book I got around the New Year. I might even do some creative writing today, if I feel so inclined. ;)
  • Mmm...frankly, at this point, I'd rather they didn't run another plow through our neighborhood. By the time they got around to it the first time it was all packed down anyway, and all they did was plow our driveways shut.

    If it weren't for the crazy and/or incompetent drivers everywhere, I think I'd actually enjoy driving in the snow. I had to drive my mom's Explorer for about an hour this morning, and it was much fwoosh.
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